Urban Green Lab Works to Prevent Food Waste at Food Distribution Sites

Urban Green Lab’s Nashville Food Waste Initiative created educational flyers with easy tips on how to reduce food waste and maximize the food families have at home. The flyers are being distributed at all of the Metro Nashville Public School food assistance distribution sites. This initiative helps address the problem that we waste up to 40% of the food in the United States while one in four Americans have recently experienced food insecurity.

WSMV – Volunteers are working hard to make sure families don’t go hungry throughout the pandemic, but now that students are returning to classrooms many think those food distribution programs are coming to an end. They’re not.

Andrew said, most food can be frozen and expiration dates don’t always mean what people think. “So just because the date might be passed for a thing like milk, you just want to use your senses to make sure it’s still good before you throw it away,” Andrew says.

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The flyers were translated by the Tennessee Language Center into Spanish, Arabic, and Burmese to ensure that as many families as possible could access the information.

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